About Us

Heaven Styled Customs was originally a collaborative effort between two of the Hydrographics supply companies in the UK.  In 2016, half of the design rights were purchased from Hydro Style UK and within a year, the other half was purchased from Hydro Heaven and it has since become 100% owned by Rabid Graphics Ltd, another producer of custom hydrographics films.

HSC has distributors set up in several locations around the world, including, but not limited to, Big Brain Graphics, and Atlantic Hydro in the USA, Emerald Coatings in Canada, and Big Dawg Hydrographics Supplies in the UK.  We are not currently actively looking for any more distributors but are always open to ideas or suggestions, so if you are interested in stocking any of our patterns, or would like to bulk buy (minimum of 100sq metres per pattern) feel free to get in touch.

We are also always on the look-out for new designs and designers so if you have an idea (and some artwork) then we are more than willing to talk to you and see about making the idea into a real custom pattern. We can offer to produce it and distribute it ourselves, or can arrange the production for you and help with distribution, or even just help you get it done and then step away and leave the rest up to you - we do our best to be flexible with everyone we work with....