Become a Designer

Got an idea, or even better, some original (or fully licenced) artwork you'd like to see in a full custom hydrographics film? HSC could help you make it happen.

There are several ways to get your ideas into print, the cheapest of which is with the help of one of the in-house printers who print film themselves BUT this is NOT cheap for the end user and the high retail price of the film may well reduce your sales as people look for more cost effective ways to proceed. We have our patterns produced in China (where the VAST majority of mass-produced patterns come from) and this does have a higher up-front cost BUT is MUCH cheaper per metre and can quickly work out more cost effective than on-demand printing. The film produced tends to be more consistent and easier for the everyday dipper to use as it's exactly the same as the film they already use every day.

Get in touch with any questions and we'll do our best (via Rabid Graphics Ltd, the company which owns Heaven Styled Customs) to make it happen for you....

Rabid offers a range of options from full ownership with royalty payments, acting as an agent to produce and distribute your patterns or simple help to get it done then you take over completely. Contact us for more details.